21-Day Healing


Your 21 Day Healing Journey is a powerful 3 week healing process covering Emotional, Mental and Physical healing where you will:

  • Get access to your suppressed and “unwanted” emotions
  • Get to the root cause and release emotional shutdowns
  • Forgive yourself on a deep level
  • Release unhealthy vows and beliefs
  • Befriend your mind
  • Undergo a process of DNA cleansing
  • Undergo a process of Chakra cleansing
  • and much, much more..

Your 21 Day Healing Journey is your perfect daily companion to help you release, clear and heal old emotional, mental and physical blocks and limitation.

This dynamic and powerful healing process is guided by Brandon Bays. Often emotions, past traumas and patterns of behaviour can get passed on from our families, imbedded in our DNA.

This closed-eye visualisation will ‘take’ you right into your DNA strands and enable you to ‘switch off’ the unhealthy programming that has been handed down to you, and ‘switch on’ a healthier way of being, freeing you from the past, and empowering and liberating you.

Available only as a digital download


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